Make the right call

  • ThinkCalls is dedicated to driving excellence in the Pay Per Call industry by working hand in hand with experts of the field to create a seamless process from the initial customer contact all the way to the end sale.
  • Our target is to make it easier and faster for busineses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from the targeted campaigns our dedicated publisher base facilitates.
  • We provide this by focusing on quality, consistency, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

How do we drive calls

  • Paid & Organic Search
  • Social Media
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Video & Media
  • Radio & Television
  • Display & Banners

Core Values

  • Excellence

    We continually push our team to always be learning, have the highest of standards and be relentless in the pursuit of excellence to create the best experience possible for our clients. From our internal training to our publisher development plans, our goal is greatness.
  • Innovation

    The evolution of Pay Per Call has been tremendous over the last decade and we strive to be ahead of the curve and at the forefront of the ongoing change in the market place to provide you the competitive edge needed in today’s landscape.
  • Relentless

    Our dogged pursuit of being better translates into all aspects of ThinkCalls, from top end talent within our team to the development and training of our publisher base – our goal is to always be learning, always be growing and always be looking ahead.