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Jun 12, 2018

How to Generate Quality Pay Per Call Leads

Generating a pay per call lead is no longer enough, the key to success is generating a quality pay per call leads. When you look at the spectrum of leads, a quality lead is something that you need to invest in. When it comes to pay per call leads, the average lead can generate up […]

Jun 01, 2018

Pay Per Call and Search

Local search is a powerful marketing tool for businesses big and small, but many owners and their marketing staff continue to miss out on the opportunities present in Pay-Per-Call (PPC) and search engine advertising. If you aren’t currently buying PPC on Google, Bing, and other search engines, you might consider the following. PPC is one […]

Apr 23, 2018

Getting Started In Pay Per Call; Getting Started on a Network

Our last article dealt with the intricacies of what constitutes a strong, encouraging and promising application to a network in the eyes of an Affiliate Manager.   Remember that a first impression can be strong and negative, those are the ones that are almost impossible to recover from. Once approved, it is still important to […]

Apr 03, 2018

Getting Started In Pay Per Call; How to Apply to Networks

In every aspect of life, there exists a right way, and a wrong way to do things. As you’d imagine, the right way will be successful A LOT more often than the wrong way.  But at the end of the day, what is considered right and wrong are often open to interpretation and what may […]

Mar 02, 2018

Getting Started In Pay Per Call; Welcome to Pay Per Call

Congratulations! You’ve finished your training course with your mentor, you’ve picked your niche, your landers are ready and it’s time to go out into the the world. Eager to get the ball rolling, you start networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, group after group of like minded individuals sharing their experiences on their road to financial freedom. As […]

Jun 27, 2017

What is Pay Per Call

When one thinks of the advertising and marketing industry, typically you forget one of the oldest advertising methods in the book, that is the telephone.