Getting Started As A Publisher; A Beginner’s Guide to trusting Online Marketing

Blog February 26, 2018

If you are here, you are either making money online or know people who are people making money online.

But you remember the 90’s; you remember the “dot com” blitz and the boom economy that so many “tech firms” went bust in when things started drying up.

You’ve received THAT email letting you know about a fortune in some foreign currency that could be all yours thanks to some naming error on the account or the rich relative you’ve never heard of who needs $2,000 so they can send you $2,000,000.

You’ve been warned by your computer’s antivirus software, your friends, and probably even your parents that somewhere out there, someone on the internet is just waiting to scam you. You are warned so vehemently and so often that anytime anyone tells you about opportunities to earn viable, full-time income through an internet based career your first thought is “SCAM!”.

Ask yourself, would you take financial advice from a parking attendant? Or medical advice from a librarian? Of course you wouldn’t.  As a society, we seem to accept that every field has experts and individuals who are in some way qualified to be financially compensated for their skills.  So why treat the internet and all of its opportunity any differently?  We are so conditioned to ignore offers that come our way via email, or while browsing that we end up ignoring people who are offering genuine opportunities.

Now ask yourself; of all the people who have told you something about internet based careers, how many of those people actually have one? In most cases, the answer is going to be zero – or very close to it.

It is important here to note that there are, in fact, people on the internet who engineer scams and false claims – like every other industry, the internet is not without its share of people who seek to take advantage of others.  

However this should be seen as encouraging rather than discouraging.  Backwards right? Stay with me here, I’ll explain; scams take effort, and scammers are looking to get paid.  In order for a scam to work, the subject needs to be popular.

Vastly popular.

Otherwise, no one will bite and nothing will happen.  That is why email, websites, and the internet as a whole is so fraught with fraud and people trying to take advantage of you – it is GLOBALLY popular.  The scary truth is that the last sentence is actually an understatement; our whole world now runs on the internet.  If it were to go down globally for a matter of minutes the damage caused would take years to repair.

Ready for the good news? Of course you are..

As scary as it may seem that the whole world is reliant on the web, the positive side that you have a means of reaching the most potential customers in the shortest amount of time.  It gets better – many potential online career paths don’t require you to actually own any product or physical space.  To summarize, you can start a business wherein your only overhead will be the cost of hosting your domain and whatever your monthly internet bill is.

Doesn’t sound as scary anymore, does it?

When you take a step back and look how connected to the internet you are, you will start to see that it’s the people “out there” on the internet you don’t trust rather than the internet yourself.  How many apps with vital personal information stored do you use? Probably a few.  In that regard, the internet is no different than our brick and mortar world.  

Let’s take it back to the example of financial advice; if you were looking for some, and no parking attendants were available, you still wouldn’t let the first person you meet handle your finances.  In most cases you would call or speak with a few, or many advisors and proceed with the one you thought was the best fit.  The obvious exception to that of course would be if you had a previous personal or professional relationship with someone in the industry.  It is an entirely identical scenario when applying/interviewing for a new career, you do your research ahead of time.

For those who are willing to put in the time, effort, energy and due diligence to embark on a new career path, or even start a business, doing so COMPLETELY online is entirely possible! Not only that it’s safe, flexible, and, most importantly, profitable. Start listening a little more closely to your friends and relatives trying to tell you about their new online career – you may find they have something worth listening to!

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