Getting Started In Pay Per Call; Getting Started on a Network

Blog April 23, 2018

Our last article dealt with the intricacies of what constitutes a strong, encouraging and promising application to a network in the eyes of an Affiliate Manager.  

Remember that a first impression can be strong and negative, those are the ones that are almost impossible to recover from.

Once approved, it is still important to make sure that you visibly demonstrate a willingness to work and an ability to listen – keep in mind, your Account Manager can be a fantastic source of support and knowledge, think of them as an extension of your own team.  There is no harm in asking questions, as long as you are not asking the same ones over and over looking for a different answer.

Once you have been approved, the next step will be proceeding to more detailed conversations with an AM.  Be prepared for them to ask additional questions and just as you did with the application, answer as completely as possible. This is where most Affiliates trip up, instead of being transparent – they hide details that can be integral to the AM getting you the results you want.

When it comes time to talk about offers and work history, be ready and willing to discuss what you have run in the past – this is our a new account manager gets an understanding of what you can run/what you can be successful on in the future.

Make sure to seek clarification where you need it, there is NOTHING wrong with asking for this.  To say you understand something you don’t and proceed as such will only result in submitting work that will be unacceptable thereby wasting yours and your AM’s time and damaging your reputation.

Want to get started quickly on a campaign? Here’s our quick tips to getting traffic flowing early:

  1. Know your Traffic: Understanding what kind of offers and niches work on certain traffic sources is essential, not only because advertisers restrict the traffic types they accept but in order for you to maximize the ROI of your spend.
  2. Know Restrictions: Restrictions are there for a reason, work with your Account Manager to understand what is allowed and what is not – this avoids your campaign being interrupted with pauses, questions about sources or chargebacks for violations
  3. Submit Creatives: We’re going to ask for creatives before you start running traffic, be prepared and ready with creatives ahead of time. This includes not only the graphics, but also the ad copy when running call-only search campaigns.

Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be making money with ThinkCalls in no time at all.

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