Getting Started In Pay Per Call; How to Apply to Networks

Blog April 03, 2018

In every aspect of life, there exists a right way, and a wrong way to do things.

As you’d imagine, the right way will be successful A LOT more often than the wrong way.  But at the end of the day, what is considered right and wrong are often open to interpretation and what may be acceptable for one person/situation may not be to/in another.

Applying to join networks as a publisher is no different.

In any industry, professionalism goes a long, LONG way and first impressions do matter!

A few quick points on how to cut through the noise:

  1. Make sure your application is clear about who you are, what you do and why you want to join the network you applied to
  2. If you are applying to a network in response to an offer or post you have seen, reference that post.
  3. Make sure that when answering questions you do it as completely as possible, half-answers only make things less transparent – don’t waste your time or the Account Manager by skipping on details
  4. Schedule a call and be on time. Showing that you respect your interviewer’s time is a practice that is always considered a “right way” to doing things

Past that, simply being polite and matching the effort put in by your interviewer will often be enough to earn you a seat at the table.

Just as important as knowing the “right way” is knowing the things that most networks and AMs will consider the “wrong way”.  

There are certain negative criteria, or red flags if you will, that will turn off almost every AM from a potential publisher.  Here’s the MOST blatant ways to make sure you don’t get approved:

  1. Spamming/harassing your contact
    • If you are reaching out to them, be patient and allow time for them to review your application and respond → to continually message them immediately after applying will not help your case
  2. Ignoring Network requirements;
    • Make sure the network you’re applying to fits your needs and vice versa – save yourself time and energy before going through the process.
  3. Run when you say you will
    • The boy who cried wolf applies here, don’t keep promising traffic or live campaigns and fail to deliver. This is a sure fire way to lose the trust of the network and account manager you are working with.
  4. Don’t apply without a plan;
    • If you applying to a network, make sure that they have an offer for a niche or vertical you have experience in!
    • Asking to run the top offers on a network without knowing anything about them is equivalent to expecting a pay cheque before getting any work done, you are illustrating with your first impression that you are not willing to work at something and will just jump from place to place
  5. Ask what YOU can DO to be approved on an offer
    • Instead of blindly applying, this will show your AM that you are committed to doing things the “right way”
    • This sort of behaviour will demonstrate that you are ready and willing to do the work necessary to be successful – every AM appreciates and rewards that!

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