Getting Started In Pay Per Call; Welcome to Pay Per Call

Blog March 02, 2018


You’ve finished your training course with your mentor, you’ve picked your niche, your landers are ready and it’s time to go out into the the world.

Eager to get the ball rolling, you start networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, group after group of like minded individuals sharing their experiences on their road to financial freedom. As your collection of friends and connections increases you start responding to conversations and reaching out. It’s possible to get lost in the moment as the pieces begin to fall together; just like your mentor said they would.

As you become familiar, you notice others pitching offers, posting ads about their own programs and you start doing the same. You find your pace, your pitch, cycling through your groups and contacts letting them know what you’re pushing.

There’s just one problem: that’s all you really ever seem to gain traction. A few solid hits here and there, but after so many conversations that lead nowhere you start to wonder if there is a better way.

Chances are, you have been spamming people with your pitch without meaning to.

As you can imagine, you’re going to lose a lot of your potential audience right there. Remember that while the laptop lifestyle may be different in many ways than traditional business, it is similar in just as many.

Any successful business is built upon relationships, and those take time to build.

No one wants to open their door to a stranger with a sales pitch, but are almost always willing to listen to a friend with a plan. Now that’s not to say you should try to make friends with everyone, but to get to know a potential partner is of paramount importance. If for no other reason than making sure that they will be apt ones. Equally important, is making sure that they want to hear it. You’ve worked hard on your venture, make sure that when you speak about it, it’s to a receptive audience.

While business of any sort is, at the end of the day about doing business, having a strong relationship with your partners will be a determining factor in your future with them. If your partnership is based solely on numbers anyone who has taken the time to build a relationship and is able to put up the same, or in some cases similar figures will be awarded opportunities you will not.

Getting yourself set-up on the path to financial freedom is a long process that for many people involves learning an entirely new industry. Make sure that the hard work that was put in along the way does not go to waste by alienating yourself from a community of your peers as they will be your best resource should you ever require assistance.

Take the time to get to know not only your partners, but your peers. The most successful businesses – online and offline – are those with the connections and relationships necessary to weather the difficult times and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Good luck!

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