Insights Into Call Analytics

Uncategorized June 27, 2017

Marketing analytics, it might seem like a complicated subject that would require a few years of school to understand, and yet it is an integral part of any successful companies plan. This kind of analytical research will allow you to see what landing pages are converting, or what keywords are generating leads. It is a simple process, and when you get the opportunity to utilise call analytics within your overall marketing analytics strategy, it is even easier. Thus, in this article, we are going to look at the top five insights that you can gain from using your call analytics to better your marketing approach going forward.

1. When to run your ads

Inbound traffic is an easy metric to track, and looking at weekly and daily call trends will allow you to improve your ad scheduling. The worst-case scenario is you run a successful ad on a Friday night, and your call centre is closed. Per Invoca’s Call Intelligence Index Monday’s receive 55% higher rate of calls then the lowest call day, which is Sunday. As well, they further this research to state that consumers make most their calls between 11:00 and 23:59. However, your company could be a little different. Thus, it is important to track inbound calls, and the ads that you run, to better schedule successful ads for when your call centre is staffed.

2. Calls are worth more than online leads

When looking at direct revenue, most companies have found that 10 calls will generate almost the same revenue as 50 digital leads, and that is because calls convert at a much higher rate than digital. Call analytics will allow you to see what marketing drove the call, but also what happens on the call, and if that call leads to a conversion. With this information, you can adjust your strategies and focus on the top revenue stream.

3. Call Analytics allow you track valuable clients

One thing that the digital lead generators do not offer is an ability to see the path the customer takes. No longer will you have to work on trying to drive clicks or calls. With call analytics, you can focus on customers who are going to drive revenue to your company, instead of wasting time trying to get a lead to convert.

4. Demographics made easy

When you are looking at targeting certain demographics, call analytics make it easy. Within the script, if you have your call centre gather information on gender, household income and geographic location, you will have the ad demographics in a few short days. This way, you can improve your ad targeting and hone in on the perfect ad to run.

5. Optimising your landing pages for calls and clicks

In the online world, we are often more focused on trying to maximise clicks, and generate leads that way, but what if I told you that this might be hurting your revenue. When testing landing pages, you will need to track click conversions, call conversations and the individual revenue streams from both. This way you can optimise your landing page to drive calls and clicks that will result in a solid revenue stream.
Call analytics is an often underutilised tool with any industry, and these five insights will help you start to grow your revenue stream, and showcase why an old-fashioned phone call can sometimes be the best lead you could have generated.

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