Pay Per Call and Facebook

Uncategorized June 27, 2017

Social Media has changed our lives in many ways and continues to on a daily basis. Like never before, we are able to connect in deeper, more meaningful ways with people the world over. Keeping in touch with that friend or family member who has moved for whatever reason, however far is as simple as if they had not moved at all.
But there are local advantages too, especially in the world of advertising.

At the forefront of this new social media enterprise, to no one’s surprise, is Facebook.

Most businesses, by now, have an active presence on social media. That sentence shouldn’t come as a shock. More likely than not, your business has a Facebook page, and more likely than not, if someone is visiting it they are doing so from a mobile device. The majority of people using their devices have the GPS tracker enabled, and when nearby, will see your business’ link or thumbnail appear in their home feed. Adding the Call Now option to your Facebook page’s add will enable a potential customer to contact your business directly from their Facebook home feed.

A well-strategized Pay Per Call campaign is one of the best tools’s a business can use to reap the rewards of effective advertising. It is known and accepted that Pay Per Call campaigns have some of the highest conversion-cost ratios of any type of advertising when executed well.

Through Facebook’s Call Now option to your business’ page, you will reach more people in the area of your business at a lower cost than any other marketing campaign. With this in mind, it is a good idea to also include a Get Directions tab as your ads will only appear to those within the Call to Action area that you select.

Tracking Your Campaign:
By selecting the Call to Action area, your business’ page will appear on the home feed of people within your catchment zone. You are able to take advantage of the network set up by Facebook and reach more people simultaneously than most other mediums. A business can track all the pertinent statistics and figures of their Facebook page’s Call Now Pay Per Call Campaign, including but not limited to;

  • individual users who have seen/clicked the business’ page
  • daily budgets and total cost
  • total Call Now/Get Directions clicks

This tool is especially useful for local, small or new businesses looking to create successful, cost effective advertising campaigns as it enables maximum exposure in their area with minimal costs. A net can be cast as wide, or as shallow as necessary or affordable opening options to businesses whom may not have the capital to invest in multiple campaigns across a number of mediums. Realistically speaking, most new businesses are going to rely heavily on, if not entirely on internet marketing as print and television ads are rather costly by comparison, and do not offer the same clarity and thereby statistical usefulness when attempted to track.

For a new or local business, being able to reach out to the people nearby is imperative. Being able to track the efficacy of your campaign is even more so. The Pay Per Call options available through Facebook allow for some of the most specific and therefore useful data that is so critical to a business of any scale. To be able to so easily measure the efficacy of any marketing, while providing one of the easiest customer interfaces allows for the maximum potential to generate profit and track success and areas of improvement.

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