What is Pay Per Call

Blog June 27, 2017

When one thinks of the advertising and marketing industry, typically you forget one of the oldest advertising methods in the book, that is the telephone. Pay per call is lead generating marketing where advertisers pay publishers for lists of qualified leads. It works by having publishers host an ad with a unique phone number and then being able to track the call by the client for the performance of the ad. Publishers are truly a dime and dozen, and this kind of marketing allows for a great return on investment for marketers and publishers alike. Let’s dive into this a little further.

Call tracking is key

The nice thing about pay per call marketing is the ability for a company to track both unique and dynamic information with callers. It will allow advertisers and publishing partners clear tracking reports on how an ad is performing, and naturally how effective this ad is on the demographic they want. For better tracking of demographics, the sales team would simply need to ask a few questions about salary, age and where they live to get a better idea of who is being attracted from this call. If the call is coming from an online source such as Skype, the call can bring insight on things such as keywords that worked, and the point of connection to the ad. All of these data points are valuable assets when trying to pinpoint a successful marketing strategy.

Pay Per Marketing, a finer tuned marketing strategy

When it comes to pay per call, the entire point is for publishers to deliver customer calls to advertisers who can then convert those calls into sales. No matter what kind of industry you are in, pay per call marketing works well and returns a higher conversion rate than online methods such as pay per click. Pay per call is unique in the marketing world as customers are high value, and are actually interested in the product. This is because they are willing to pay to listen to a sales pitch, unlike such mediums as cold calling which generally has a low success rate of even getting to the sales pitch, pay per call has an engaged audience that can lead to easier conversions.

Online and Offline Marketing

Pay per call marketing is one the few marketing methods that are truly flexible. Depending on the demographics and area you are looking to sell in, the advertisements can be fine tuned for that target audience. Many publishers are able to work with you to ensure your add is as broad as possible and will utilise online and offline sources to do so. Online sources would be your classic banner ads, email marketing, social media ads and even paid sponsored content. While offline sources would be more traditional media such as radio, television and print. No matter what you are selling, a pay per call marketing strategy can deliver higher earning conversion, and that is worth its weight in gold.

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