Terms of Service

The given Terms of Use are applied to ThinkCalls.com (also referred to as “ThinkCalls,” “the Website,” “We,” “Us”), a Pay-Per-Call venture that is owned and operated by TrafficDNA registered at 105 Cecil Street Octagon, The Singapore 069534. When accessing our Website, you grant your undisputable consent to abide by these Terms of Use, as well as the actual laws and legal regulations, and acknowledge that you are deemed to act with due respect to any article of local legislation. In case you disagree with any provision of the given Terms of Use, you will be obstructed from accessing or making use of ThinkCalls.com. All the contents that are being stored on our Website are safeguarded by applicable trademark and copyright law.

2. License of Exploitation

The users of ThinkCalls.com are permitted to temporarily download one copy of the Website’s contents (software or information) for non-commercial short-term viewing only. This endeavor is uniquely the grant of a license and cannot be treated as a transfer of title. Therefore, the given Terms of Use limit your freedom of action on the subject of the following:

  • you may not copy or modify any of the materials posted on ThinkCalls.com;
  • your using of the site contents with a commercial intent (including the instances of public display) are strictly prohibited;
  • you are not eligible to reverse engineer or decompile any software that is being stacked on our Website and, thus, should not undertake any attempts to do so;
  • you may not deprive the materials of any copyright or another sort of proprietary mark; and
  • you are not allowed to transmit the site contents to any other person or reproduce them on any other server.

If you happen to breach any of the aforementioned restrictions, the given license will be automatically terminated by ThinkCalls.com at a moment’s notice. Upon canceling your viewing of these contents or upon cancellation of the present license, you must delete any downloaded contents in your possession whether printed or electronic.

3. Disclaimer

All the contents on ThinkCalls.com are displayed “as is.” ThinkCalls does not make any guarantees, whether implicit or explicit, and hereby negates and disclaims all other warranties that include but are not limited to implicit conditions or warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual proprietary rights, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other infringement of rights. Furthermore, ThinkCalls.com is nowise a duty-bearer in terms of the likely results, accuracy, or reliability of your usage of the materials on our Website or otherwise referring to such contents or on any other websites linked to ThinkCalls.

4. Limitation of Liability

On no account shall ThinkCalls.com or its respective suppliers be responsible in law for any damages (which include but are not limited to damages arising out of business interruption and result in loss of profit or data) resulting from the use or inability to use the contents on our Website, even if ThinkCalls.com itself or its authorized representative has been informed of the likelihood of such harm. Due to the fact that some jurisdictions do not tolerate limitations on implicit warranties, or liability restrictions for any damage (whether express or implied), hereby incorporated limitations may not be applied to you.

5. Errata and Revisions

The contents that appear on ThinkCalls.com could possibly incorporate typographical, photographic, or technical errors. We do not guarantee that any of the accessible contents on our Website are error-free, comprehensive, or actual. ThinkCalls may solely modify the contents of its website at any given time without a preliminary notice. However, ThinkCals.com does not incur liability for updating its materials.

6. Third-Party Links

ThinkCalls.com has not undertaken a full-scope revision of the third-party websites and links to them, and, therefore, does not incur liability for the materials posted on such websites. In fact, the insertion of such third-party links does not necessarily mean the approval of the related websites by ThinkCalls.com. Please acknowledge that you will assume all obligations for your usage of such websites.

7. Amendments

ThinkCalls.com is eligible to indiscriminately modify the present Terms of Use without any preliminary notice. Your prolonged use of our Website after such modifications become effective will be deemed as your consent to abide by the lattermost version of the given Terms.

8. Applicable Law

Any claim referring to ThinkCalls.com will be regulated by the applicable law of the State of British Columbia without relation to its conflict of laws provisions.

9. Contact Information

If you happen to stumble upon any issue relating to the given Terms of Use, please send your queries to contact@thinkcalls.com.