The Five Basic Things Every Pay Per Call Marketer Should Know

Blog February 16, 2018

When it comes to the marketing industry, we can be a little bit old school in our thinking. Which if you think about it, is a little ridiculous in our line of work. As a marketer you can sometimes get into a groove, and when that groove is getting results, why would you even think about changing things up? The money is coming in, and if you change one little thing, that revenue stream could dry up. However, what if I told you, it is time to get back to the basics to make your campaigns even better. We all can use some rudimentary review sometime, and thus we present the five basic things that every Pay Per Call Marketer should know.

1) Call to click buttons

When you are advertising a business, and the mobile market is going to be a crucial stream of revenue, add a click to call button. This can also help on the online side of things, especially when the customer has Skype to call installed, a simple click of a button will have them calling your call centre with ease. You will see a clear improvement in your overall numbers with this extremely simple fix, and that means more revenue in your pocket.

2) Target specific areas

Local traffic is the lifeblood of a brick and mortar business, and when it comes to pay per call, this is also true. When running ads, make sure to target the specific geographic location, and keep it within 50 miles to be effective. This will maximise a marketing budget, and allow for both local and pay per call marketing to happen within the same ad. It truly is a win/win situation.

3) A wide range of marketing mediums

If you are under the age of 35, sometimes we forget that there are other mediums out there besides the online medium. Pay per call marketing allows you to get your ad in front of as many eyeballs as possible, and that includes some of the more traditional media outlets. Look at the demographic you are targeting, and utilise all available marketing mediums to get your ad in front of them. It is a simple equation, but the results will speak for themselves.

4) Basic metrics will drive the ad itself

When you are first testing an ad, make sure to pay attention to the metrics that you are receiving. This will include data such as time of day, area codes, the day of the week and of course the geographic location. These data points will allow you to fine tune your marketing approach, and better your ability to convert leads into conversions.

5) Timing is important

When you are working for a client, ensure that when an ad runs, the corresponding call centre is in fact open. It is a bad day at the office when an ad blows up, but the call centre does not open for another 120 minutes. Ensure that your ads are timed correctly, and you will see happy clients and higher revenue.
Getting back to basics is never a bad thing, did we miss one? Let us know below and carry on the conversation!

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