Trends for 2017, where you need to focus for the last six months of the year.

Blog June 27, 2017

2017, it has been a great six months for some, and for others, it is going to, be a challenge to hit targets. However, we thought it would be great to check in with the CMO top five themes to focus on in 2017, and where you can see some improvement before the year is up. With a few little tweaks, you can blow those targets out of the water.

1) Customer Experience

No longer are we only focusing on User Experience, the age old customer experience continues to be a key aspect of our business. reported that 86% of buyers would pay more for better customer experience. Yet, only 1 out of every 5 marketers has put customer experience as a potential opportunity that they are following. It is time to put a focus on the customer and make them feel like they are investing their time in a positive way.

2) Marketing Art and Science

Sometimes you must look inward to produce a masterpiece, and that is why innovation in the marketing field is one of the areas of focus for 2017. As a marketing leader, you are going to be better at using data within your marketing campaigns, which will result in a more profitable and successful campaign. You will also be able to keep work in-house, which will limit profit going to someone else for your work. These are not big steps, but if you spend the time improving your skills, you will see great rewards in the second half of 2017.

3) Leadership and Management

If you are in a bigger company, you will already know what we are talking about. Marketing has been ignored for far too long as part of the corporate culture. According to, up to 80% of marketing executives believe that they need to restructure marketing to better support their business. This means that new and innovative ways to do business will be needed, and as a young marketer, you will be able to flourish in the back half of 2017.

4) Technology Strategy

Technology is going to be a driver in the back half of 2017. We have already seen it in multiple mediums, as big data is king. According to many sources, CMO budgets will eclipse CIO budgets for the first time in years. The year of the marketing technology revolution is upon us, and marketers that adapt to new tech and innovate will be successful.

5) Brand Strategy

I will let Howard Shultz the Executive Chairman of Starbucks take this one, “Great companies that build an enduring brand have an emotional relationship with customers that has no barrier. And that emotional relationship is the most important characteristic, which is trust.” Build a brand, then build an ad that allows that emotional relationship to prosper, and you will have the best year of your marketing career.
CMO is one of the true leaders in the industry, and their forecast for the coming year has focused on these five key areas. We are now six months through, how are you doing in these areas, and what can be improved? Answer these questions and implement those changes, and you will see a strong finish to your marketing campaigns in 2017.

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