What Are Call Extensions and When to Use Them

Uncategorized June 27, 2017

If you own or operate a business today, it is a given that you have some kind of online presence. The technological world advances every day, allowing for improvements in how to operate all things in all aspects of our lives – be it personal or professional. To stay at the cutting edge, it is important to understand and adapt to these new developments in order to reap their fullest potential and benefits, vis-à-vis profits.

However, the more things change, the more some things stay the same. While an attractive, easy to use web presence is essential to any successful enterprise there are times wherein an interpersonal interaction is required. In spite of how easy or user-friendly an e-commerce portal is, or how in depth the product descriptions are, there will always be a consumer. It is imperative that they have as easy a time reaching a representative to have those questions answered as it is finding a way to do so.

This is where Call Extensions come into play…

Firstly, what are Call Extensions as they relate to an online presence?

Attached to your website, is some kind of AdWord or Pay-Per-Click campaign that allows your business to appear as a result of a given search. When prepared properly, your business will appear as one of the top results which in many cases will be enough to peak a consumer’s interest to the point of contacting your business. A call extension to your AdWord campaign gives them the option to call your business directly, rather than visiting your web page. In all likelihood, they are going to do both.

Advantages to Call Extensions:

  • Beginning with the obvious, having a phone number attached to a search result gives a consumer multiple ways to contact your business immediately setting it apart from those that don’t. Statistically speaking, businesses that have a call extension attached to their AdWord campaigns have a higher rate of page visits than those that do not.
  • They do not cost anything extra; you are able to show your potential customers that you are interested in assisting them and it doesn’t add any cost to your AdWord campaign
  • You can track the pertinent data of each conversation to measure its efficacy (eg. conversation length, whether or not a call was answered/missed).

Setting Up Call Extensions:

Within your Google Adwords account is an option for ad extensions. Simply select extension then the new phone number. While it is important to keep a local line as well as have it listed on your website, it makes more sense that your call extension uses a Google Forwarding Number for two reasons;

  1. The number is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device anywhere in the world
  2. It allows you to track the data regarding the call

Once you are set up, there are a number of options available, you should study them closely and select the options that best suit your business and its needs as it relations to your online presence.
Make sure to monitor the call extension’s performance! Any tool is only as useful as the person wielding it, make sure you do not let important data that could improve performance slip by!

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